Invasion of the Pod Tweeple #pcb4

I never had the whole “Kumbaya” camp experience as a kid. There were two summers I was signed up for the town rec. department’s “Summer Scene” day program. A few weeks in, they’d run out of gimp. I’d be out of the bracelet making biz, free to spend time with the devil’s spawn little angels from my class who showed their affection by bestowing upon me a super-great nickname. Man – I sure had a lot of <cough>”colds”</cough> that summer.

Thankfully, PodCamp came to the rescue last weekend and gave my inner child a big ole’ hug. (Better late than never, right?) Over the course of my career I‘ve been lucky enough to work in several great industries. That said, the new media space is by far the most welcoming and vibrant community I have experienced. Spending two days with other professionals engaged with adopting technology to enrich everyday life was transformational. In short: y’all rocked my world. No joke.

I’m still working through my notes, so I’ll write another post to share my highlights. In the meantime, I’d like to send shout outs to the folks who made my PCB4 experience so fab-u-lous. Guido Stein, Adam Zand, Steve Garfield, Tamsen McMahon, Mick Darling, Michael Lawson, Sam Sacks, Todd Van Hoosear, Gradon Tripp, Kurt Eng, Dave Werner, Jeff Cutler, Joselin Mane, David Wieneke, Rick Stein, Mike Volpe, Karen Rubin, Christopher Penn, Chris Brogan, CC Chapman, Rich Sands, Dave Cutler, Patrick Richardson, Bob Collins, Matt Searle, Steve Sherlock, Richard Reeve, Christine Major, Chris Abraham, Roberta Baldwin, Al Willis, Dan Ronke and the countless other session participants with whom I did not speak directly. And then there are the people I didn’t get the chance to meet.  Don’t even get me started on that list. @cspenn gave a great tip on Twitter about checking the Event Brite registration list for a memory jolt re: names and contact info. Thanks Chris!

I’ve been following the #pcb4 Twitter stream and have gotten a lot out of the thoughtful posts written.  The links I’ve grabbed are shared below.  Consider it my little “thanks-for-being-awesome” treat.


  • These links were pulled from public forums. Regardless, if anyone would like me to remove their content, I would be happy to do so.
  • Please email me or post any links I missed in the comments and I will add them to the list.


Jeff Cutler – Foot Fetish, Podcamp Boston 4 #pcb4, PCB Who’s Who in Whosville, & Podcamp Boston 4 – Special Session – The Future of Work
Chris Brogan – Seeds in a Wild Garden
Christopher Penn – Breaking the shackles on your potential at pcb4
Gradon Tripp – Post pcb4 wrap-up: what a difference a year makes, The #PCB4 Session That Shouldn’t Have Happened & Talking Philanthropy and Social Media at #PCB4
Guido Stein – Notes from PCB4
Aneta Hall – Best Tweets of pcb4 day 1 & Day 2 at pcb4
Skip Bensley – The Visual Suspects at pcb4
Todd Randolph – In Defense of Talking to Strangers
David Cutler – Our PodCamp Boston Session “City 2.0”
David Weineke – PCB4 Social Media Is Changing
Chris Abraham – Reputation Dismorphism
TechNewsMadeSimpleHow to start podcasting, Is social media worth it?, Web video future…, Writing in social media, Social media & education, Web optimization, & Best equipt. for video podcast
Critt Jarvis – Video Podcast
Dan Hermes – Podcasting Getting Started
Doug Haslam – PCB4 Aging Gracefully
Jamie Pappas – Clever Marketing by Garifusion During pcb4
Jeff Rutherford – Social Media Self Consciousness
Peg Mulligan – PCB4 new media social media conference/
Stuart Foster – 33 Ways to Drive Blog Traffic
Tony Loftis – What I Saw at PCB4
Richard Reed – Arts and Crafts (Inaugural Podcast!)
Uncommon Bostonian – Day 1 of pcb4 & Day 2 of pcb4
Adam Pieniazek – Ungoals for pcb4
Henri Codolfing – Battledecks and Pecha Kucha at Podcamp
Jeremy Meyers – The story is the results so don’t try to tell it yourself, Don’t be sexy, be good. Good is sexy. & PodCamp Boston Recap
Len Edgerly – Odds and ends from PCB4 & TKC Extra Will the Kindle Save Reading
Matthew Grant – PCB4: my me too thoughts and reflections
Mike Proulx – Notes from PCB4
Beth Dunn – Exhibit A
Kevin Mullins – PodCamp Boston – Social Media and Social Networking
Amanda MacArthur – Notes & quotes from PCB4
Michael Lawson – What I learned on my summer vacation (#pcb4)
PK Shiu – Can we separate our online personal & professional lives?
Charles Seymour – Short Stories and Marketing Lessons To Rocket Your Sales (scroll to #26)
Dan Ronken – My 3 Takeaways from PCB4
Kimberly Reynolds – PCB4 Mojo Discovered Anew
Paul Monaco – It’s Your Podcamp
Jonathon Bloom – Had a great time at PodCamp Boston 4
Mélanie Millett – Podcamp Boston et les outils d’écoute en ligne
Stacy Crosby – #pcb4 – Podcamp Boston = WOW!
Steve Robins – Podcamp Boston Redux
Georgiana Cohen – Podcamp Boston
David Karp – Kindle vs lumber at podcamp & Podcamp panel ponders power of philanthropic philosophies: build or buy, Gates or Buffett
Eventbrite – PodCamp Boston won Eventbrite’s Twitter Hashup content for 3600+ #pcb4 tagged tweets!

Ronald “Buzz” Brindle – My First Video Podcast
Trish – Is my n00b showing
Ron Ploof – Jeff Pulver at Podcamp Boston 4
Gina Minks – Podcamp Boston, lack of women speakers, and bringing things to neutral
Terri Orlowski – Podcasting with Care

LADIES, ALL THE LADIES (Women in Social Media)

Cynthia Barnes – Pumas, Cocks & Cougars: Who won?
Sarah Wurrey – Sarah & Julia (& Podcamp Boston), Media Bulls-eye: The Women Problem & Live From Logan Airport, It’s an Exhausted Podcamper!
Christopher Penn – Arguing Against Your Limitations
Michelle Wolverton – PCB4 Thoughts and Community
Tamsen McMahon – 3 Keys to Success No Matter Who or What You Are
Rakiesha Chase – The Girl Power Session & Podcamp Boston pcb4 Review
LizPWWhat ruffled my feathers at PodCamp Boston: In defense of the “Mommyblogger


PCB4 Through the Lens of CC Chapman
Melinda Moses – Picasa
Joselin Mane – Facebook Album
Gradon Tripp – Facebook Album
William Widugiris’ – Facebook Album
Kathryn Velvel Jones’ – Facebook Album
FlickR search – #pcb4
FlickRjeromeparadis: Day 1 & Day 2

VIDEO – Matthew Ebel
Matthew Mamet – Melinda Moses’ session, the outdoor session, and session on Web Video
Patrick Hughes – PodCamp Boston 4 Recap Video
PodCamp Boston 2009 – YouTube Videos #pcb4
Mike Langford – Brown Bagging It at PodCamp Boston &


SlideShare Search – pcb
Skip Bensley (brilliantvideo) – Web Video: Where is it going and where will it end?
Guido Stein – Start Podcasting
Gradon Tripp – 24 Reasons why Twitter sucks & Philanthropic Style and Social Media: Are you a Gates or a Buffett?
Jamie Pappas – How do you get your company to see the value of social media pcb4 session?
Justin Whitaker – Forget ROI
Kabren Levinson – What can Social Media do for Education?
Wayne Kurtzman – Measure Social Media Interactions

ElizabethHannanGrowing Online Communities and Measuring Online Metrics

Hubspot – Inbound Marketing Summit in Foxboro Oct 7-8



How do you start this podcasting thing? – Guido Stein
What is the future of writing in social media? Rick Stein
What’s on our minds? Christopher Penn, Chris Brogan, CC Chapman
How can you use video podcasting for B2B marketing? Mike Volpe and Karen Rubin
Women in Social Media – Breakout Session
How not to be a Social Media DB – Breakout Session

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14 Comments on “Invasion of the Pod Tweeple #pcb4

  1. Kara,

    This is a great directory! Can I add my blog as well? – I’m still adding my notes about PCB4, as the thoughts and ideas are still swirling in my head.


  2. Kara,

    Thanks for the thought-provoking memories of my own “summer rec camp” days!

    PCB4 was not only a conference of spectacular content, but also a great “real people” connector – everyone was down-to-earth and friendly.

    Kumbaya definitely sums it up!


  3. Hi Kara, thanks for putting together such a great list of all things PCB4. It was great meeting you, and I look forward to meeting up at future events. 🙂

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  5. I had that summer camp experience. Maybe that’s why, despite this being my first Podcamp experience, I got less out of it than others?


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  7. Hello Kara,

    Many thanks for the pingback! I am still awed in Podcamp Boston4’s afterglow, and truly would love to participate the next sessions on the East coast on the topic of niche marketing. Hope to see you soon.

    Bunny hugs,

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  9. Hi Kara,

    Just wanted to express my thanks for creating such a nice summarized list of PodCamp Boston 4! Funny, I wasn’t aware that it was my inner child that was being contacted throughout the weekend. I just knew it felt really good!

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